Eastside Edge Board of Directors and Booster Club

Eastside Edge Booster Club is registered with the Washington State Booster Club Association.  Our non-profit is classified as having a 501(c)3 status. Our booster club offers tax deductible fundraising opportunities to benefit and enrich all athletic programs, and all athletes.

Eastside Edge Booster will have Board meetings each month.  You are welcome to join, ask questions and will have the opportunity to vote on issues.  The minutes and financial information will be available to view, as it is your right know where the booster funds are being allotted.  We will also have parent meetings once a month, if you have an opportunity to attend, please do. We are a family here at Edge, communication is greatly encouraged.

Our Board of Directors-

President- Jay Hinton

Vice President- Nicole Lake

Treasurer- Kevin Winkelman

Secretary- Tracie Winkelman

Director of Fundraising- Tammy Hinton

Director of Corporate Sponsorship- Joyce Johnson


Keep In Touch

Email- info@eastsideedge.com

Phone- (509) 528-3719

Our Schedule

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